Gorgeous Green & Pink Chicago Ballroom Wedding

Our Love Story

Jen and Brad connected on Bumble while living in New York City. Jen had just moved to the Big Apple, and being the lover of bagels that she is, asked Brad for a list of his recommendations. Brad replied he’d be happy to share his favorites over dinner. By their fourth date, they became virtually inseparable.

After eight months of dating, Brad moved to Chicago for a new job, and another three months later, Jen followed suit. At that point, knowing Jen was “the one,” Brad began planning his proposal. On the day of the proposal, two of Brad’s future groomsmen chauffeured Jen around Chicago, stopping at six landmarks representing her and Brad’s first Chicago experiences. At each stop, Jen was surprised by one of her future bridesmaids, and between stops, the remainder of their wedding party who couldn’t fly in gave Jen a call. At the fifth stop, Jen was met by her parents, who gave her their blessing, and at the sixth and final stop, Brad asked her to spend the rest of their lives together.

Brad had Jen’s engagement ring custom designed by family jeweler Eitan Borochov. Engraved inside is a special message just for Jen. Eitan also crafted both Jen and Brad’s wedding bands.

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