From Drugstore to High-End, These Are the Best Lipsticks for Brown Girls


If you’re a lipstick lover who also happens to be a person of color, then I don’t need to tell you that locating the perfect shade can be a hassle. Almost every brown and black woman has had the unfortunate experience of staring at the mirror in horror while applying a shade that looked amazing in the tube but turned out ashy or clownish on her skin. It’s the worst.

Unlike shopping for skincare or even hair products, it takes a lot more than just reading a product description to know if a lip color will suit our skin. Now that brands have started offering more vast shade ranges that include colors that actually complement darker skin tones, the world of lipstick has expanded profoundly for gals of all backgrounds who just want to have a a little fun with their makeup. No more mixing four different shades to get the perfect one!

From one brown girl to another, I’m honored to gift you with this go-to guide to the lipsticks shades that will look so chic on your brown skin. We deserve. Ahead, check out 25 of the best choices on the market right now, for every budget.

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