Fashionable Tech And Beauty Inspo For Career Women

Fashionable Tech And Beauty Inspo For Career Women

International Women’s Day takes place world-over on the 8th of March each year. It is a day that encourages us to celebrate how far women have come in the global workforce – and also how far we have to go. 2018 was an enormous year for women. The theme of International Women’s Day for 2019 is “Think equal, build smart and innovate for change.” We’ve put together a list of three innovative tech and beauty pairings that will take you from home to office with ease – while keeping your work and self-care balance in check.

The Portables:

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huwei Ipad for International Women's Day

Huawei tablet is a catch-all gadget designed with families in mind. With 1080p Display it is perfect for playing games or watching movies on the go, while the tablet’s quad speaker system delivers fine-tuned concert-hall quality audio with more bass and less distortion. Importantly they have added eye-comfort mode to protect children’s eye sight. The eye-comfort mode reduces harmful blue light and provides reminders when the device is being held to close to a child’s face, or if your child is reading lying down. It also comes with a M-Pen lite Stylus that will allow jot down notes, sketch and write memos. Nifty.

Nuface Trinity Microcurrent Device
Nuface Trinity available at Mecca Cosmetica
Nuface Trinity, $499 at Mecca Cosmetica.

Another portable piece of technology the Nuface Trinity Facial Trainer is an innovative anti-ageing device. The gadget uses clinically tested microcurrent therapy to deliver clinical results in the comfort of your home, or on the go. The Nuface delivers Microcurrents to the muscles beneath the dermis to lift and tone the facial features, smoothing out fine lines and creating an instant face-lift effect in five minutes. At the same time the product stimulates the production of collagen and elastin when used consistently. The Nuface is ergonomically designed and can slip into your handbag or carry on – perfect for those who travel for work or are on vacation.

The Maximialists:

Huawei Matebook 13

Organize your life this International Womens Day with the Huawei Matebook
Huawei Matebook 13, $999, available from Amazon and Newegg.

The Huawei Matebook is a super slender 14.9mm frame with a 88% screen-to-body ratio. The Matebook has a high-precision multi-touch screen that responds to touch with total accuracy. Meanwhile it is coated with an anti-fingerprint shield that keeps the screen smudge free. Specifically designed with video and image editing in mind the Huawei is perfect for creatives on the go. The ultra-slim body carries NVIDEA GEFORCE MX150 which provides up to 4x the performance for integrated graphics, image processing and video editing. It is also 40% faster than its predecessor featuring a new 8th generation Intel core processor. A game changer for laptop technology that will allow you to create and innovate on the go.


The Dr Dennis Gross Faceware Pro

Dr Dennis Gross Faceware Pro Spectralight Mask.
Dr Dennis Gross Faceware Pro, $665, at Mecca Cosmetica.

Patrick Bateman would have loved this bad-boy. Less pocket-friendly than the Nuface the Dr Dennis Gross Faceware Pro more than makes up for it with sheer power. Dr Dennis Gross is a revered New York dermatologist with a successful skincare range. With the Faceware pro he wanted to take another step towards delivering his in-office treatments to clients in their homes. The mask is fitted with red and blue LED lights. Red LED encourage collagen and elastin production while targeting pigmentation and soothing redness. Blue LED lights combat acne causing bacteria – preventing breakouts and softening acne scars. Best of all? The entire process only takes three minutes.

The Little Things:

The Daily Edited Phone Cases

Monogram your phone case with the Daily Edited International Womens Day.
The Daily Edited Monogrammed Phone Cases, $49.95-$89.95, at The Daily Edited

Check out deals on the retail app Sweep for The Daily Edited phone cases.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Everyone knows the benefits of a phone case but why not make it a beautiful object that reflects your personal taste at the same time? The Daily Edited creates unique and high quality monogrammed phone cases (as well as laptop cases, clutches and wallets) for Samsung, Iphone and Google Pixle smart-phones. Your tech will be as chic as it is clever.


Amore Pacific Single Extract Essence

Nourish your skin with Amore Pacific Vintage Single Extract Essence
Amore Pacific Vintage Single Extract Essence, $224, at Mecca Cosmetica

The popularity of K-Beauty shows no sign of abating, and why would it when Korean beauty companies are leading the way for innovative change in the market. AmorePacific Corporation grew from a family owned business to a South Korean conglomerate that houses 33 of the world’s leading K-Beauty brands, named 28 on Forbes list of the 100 Most Innovative Companies. AmorePacific’s namesake line takes inspiration from the companies’ modest origins. It combines the same botanical formulas the brand’s founder Suh Sung-Whan first created in the family kitchen with his mother, with the latest science and technology. The result is simple, effective formulas like the Vintage Single Extract Essence. The product uses pure fermented green tea from AmorePacific’s private tea garden. The product hydrates and plumps the skin like nothing else, whilst removing pollution and shielding the skin from free-radicals.

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