Epic Canadian Country Farm Wedding

DIY Details

We added a lot of personal details and DIY projects to our big day. For example, the bar menus were hand written out by the bride onto old antique jugs that the bride’s mother had found years ago. They are now displayed as decoration in both houses.

The buffalo skulls were all from the pre-existing herd of buffalo that used to roam the farm, some of which the bride’s family used to own. Along with the beautiful herd that was present during our engagement we wanted to make the buffalo apart of our big day in some way. We used decorated skulls throughout the venue for our big day, as well as one for our guest book in which guests signed or “branded” with a sharpie. That skull has been hung up in our house now, with the dried florals still on the horns.

We had custom matchbooks that said, “The Perfect Match” made up four our guests. Amy’s parents had done the same at their wedding and it makes her smile as she still sometimes comes across an old matchbook from their big day back in 1988.

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