Enter the ’90s Mom Sneaker, 2020’s Biggest Shoe Trend


Gone are the days of chunky dad sneakers and little formfitting minidresses — in 2020, we’re confronted with the mom sneaker, which is really only a slight variation of its counterpart. The mom sneaker calls for more of a “lewk,” if you will. I still remember my mom coming home from the gym when I was a kid, working a red drawstring hoodie and coordinating sweats in the exact same color. Her ribbed white socks would be pulled up to the tapering on her joggers, her hair in a ponytail. Maybe she wore her long work coat or blazer over the casual outfit if it was cold out. The mood reminds me of Princess Diana’s iconic biker shorts fashion moments, which are now being re-created by the likes of Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

The mom sneaker is most commonly paired with socks, and rather than the shoe featuring splashy logos or embellishments like past designer versions, these come in more muted, neutral tones. The sole is also decidedly less chunky — the trainer itself is more rounded — not meant to stand out on its own but be integrated smoothly into a totally ’90s mom look. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to wear yours with sweats. You can try a button-front floral midi dress (think: something Rachel Green would wear) or really go all out in mom jeans, too. Keep scrolling to find some inspo for pulling off the vibe, then shop a handful of our favorite footwear that fits the bill.

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