Each of Our Editors Chose 3 Pairs of House Shoes That Bring Them Joy


House shoes are a concept we never really paid all that much attention to until we recently started spending almost all of our time indoors. But if you think about it, they make a lot of sense. If you think about where your outside shoes have been and take a look at the bottoms of any of them, it makes sense why you should probably take them off at the door when you get home. But walking around barefoot all the time at home isn’t necessarily something we’d condone either. Enter house shoes.

House shoes can really be whatever you want them to be—slippers, sandals, flats, even sneakers. You probably just want them to be comfortable and easy to slip on and off. And even better, putting them on each day should bring you joy whether they make your feet feel good or are just nice to look at (but preferably both). Obviously, feel free to turn any of the more substantial house shoes listed below into your new outside shoes once we’re able to venture out more eventually.

Scroll on to shop the most satisfying house shoes, according to our editors who are all currently working from home.

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