Do phones cause acne?

Though your cell phone might not be solely responsible for your skin problems, if your breakouts are in a cluster on one side of your face, your iPhone is likely to blame.

Dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler told Refinery29, “If your phone is pressed up against your face for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to perspiration, irritation, and blocking of your pores. Essentially, all of the dirt and grime that is not only on your phone but on your face gets trapped and pushed down into the skin, which can lead to breakouts.”

A way to prevent breakouts from your phone is to clean your device regularly with rubbing alcohol. If you use your cell phone frequently, try cleaning your skin immediately after use. Women’s Health also suggests using headphones, and doing your best to avoid pressing your phone to your face with any pressure.

Who knew acne was just one more way your cell phone was bad for your health?

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