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I’ve written before about my love of eyebrow maintenance — generally I like getting my eyebrows threaded, but I’ve tried a lot of things. I haven’t been in, uh, a while (thanks, 2020!), and it felt like maybe I could use something a bit more than my irregular plucking. So I ordered these eyebrow stencils from Amazon.

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A few notes: I had bought stencils years ago from one of the major eyebrow beauty brands (similar to these), but you were supposed to hold them up. I bought these newer ones from Amazon because I liked that you had both brows in a single stencil that’s held flush to your head with a super-sexy elastic band — think Mask of Zorro but for your eyebrows. (The product page weirdly looks like they’re single-eyebrow cards you hold up; the customer pictures are true to what I received.) Still, I was a bit surprised when it arrived — there are 24 stencils in here, so give yourself a good 20 minutes at least to figure out which one you like for your face.

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I probably could have Googled or YouTubed how to do this, but I kind of winged it — I decided to wear the stencil I thought would be best, then brushed eyeshadow onto my brows using the stencil. Then, I removed the stencil and got to work. (I intentionally grabbed a blue eyeshadow because that would be different than my brown/blonde eyebrow hairs, so I could tell what was stencil and what was me. I also grabbed eyeshadow because I figured it would easily come off when I washed my face. (Blue eyebrows! All the cool kids are doing it.))

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It definitely helped me do a bit more shaping, but it also helped me to see what was a “good” eyebrow shape and how my own eyebrows were lacking. I’ve adjusted my routine when I use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow creme in two ways as a result — I extend the pencil on the outside, past where my actual eyebrows stop. I also pay more attention to the inside, closer to my nose, where my own eyebrow hairs are present but sparse. (These two reasons are probably why I don’t feel like it’s worth my time to dye my eyebrows with Just for Men, and why I might be interested in microblading in the future.)

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Readers, what is your favorite way to maintain your eyebrows, either at home or out and about?

The eyebrow stencils are $11.99 at Amazon. (WHOA: apparently stencils are common enough that both Cosmopolitan and Byrdie have done roundups of them! I still like mine, at least based on the descriptions, because of the 24 stencils plus the elastic band to help you strap ’em on.)

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