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Our Love Story

We met the “old-fashioned way” through friends. Harry moved from NYC to SF, where I had been living for 11 yrs. I remember instantly liking Harry. He was easy-going, confident, a little goofy, and incredibly kind. Another memory that sticks with me – a moment where I thought, “this guy is the ONE” – is when I was confiding in Harry and telling him about a particularly challenging thing I was dealing with. I remember him listening, truly listening, as I stumbled to find my words and fight back tears. And then the first thing he said was, “Do you want me to just listen or do you want to know what I think?” The emotional intelligence of that question absolutely blew me away; I’d never felt truly listened to, or heard, by a man like that in my life. I loved him from that moment onward.

Our engagement was intimate and perfect. Harry proposed on a Friday night after work, in our first apartment together. I had come in HOT after work that Friday night. I’d had a really bad day at work and was still decompressing, so I didn’t even notice the flowers and the beautiful bottle of Sancerre that he had opened (he’s also just incredibly thoughtful ALL the time, so that might also be why I didn’t think anything of flowers and wine…lucky me, right?). He finally had to take my hand and ask me to sit down next to him. Then we agreed we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, he got down on one knee, we cried, and the rest is history.

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