Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer’s Insane New Workouts Will Break You


We all know how hard it is to drag yourself to the gym, day after day, in the hope of putting on some muscle or obtain washboard abs. If you have Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer on hand though, we’d imagine you’d be seeing results in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months.

That’s because Luke Zocchi’s workouts are designed to break you, but leave you feeling the good kind of sore the next day. The man from Melbourne – who upped sticks around seven years ago when he was hired to train Hemsworth – is a big fan of circuit training. He regularly posts workouts to his Instagram account that you can easily (or perhaps not so easily) carry out yourself either at home or in the gym.

And if you want to see how Thor himself trains himself to get in shape for movies, you can follow along with his own workouts, too. But today we are focussing on the new workout routines Luke has posted all in the last few months (with the ab buster, the most recent, being posted just four days ago).

If it’s your upper body you want to improve, Zocchi combines seven exercises together, which he expects you to complete in full five times…with just a minute of rest in between each of those sets.

Or if it’s bulging biceps and a hefty back you’re after, Zocchi combines weighted pull-ups with landmine rows and dumbbell hammer curls. We’d recommend starting low with the weights if you’re new to some of the exercises he mentions. After all, quality is better than quantity.

For the dreaded core killing ab buster, Luke has put together a 50 rep challenge, comprising five different exercises to be completed 10 times each. We’re sweating just watching it, but after giving it a go a few times, we’d expect hope to see some sort of ab definition.

Nobody enjoys working out their legs, and even Luke admits this side gorilla lunge workout was hard. We’d imagine benefits of gorilla-like proportions, though.

He also posts workout challenges for his followers, such as this simple-to-follow but we imagine not-so-easy-to-carry-out dumbbell workout. Three exercises, six reps each arm, 20 minutes.

And for a workout that we imagine really will break you, try this cycle, push up, ab rollout circuit. We’d love to give it a go ourselves, but we’ve got a ‘thing.’

It’s no wonder Chris Hemsworth was cast as Thor. We’ll be waiting to take over the role ourselves when the Aussie poster boy hangs up his hammer.

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