Carrie Bradshaw Is Fueling My WFH Outfit Mood Board


Something I’ll never forget is how many times, after watching the Sex and the City movie, I tried to pull off the Carrie Bradshaw outfit you see right here. Carrie stood there admiring her closet in separates that appeared so effortless and cool — and she was at home, just dressing for herself. Carrie actually layered a tunic dress over a skirt twice in the film — I counted — but I couldn’t get over how perfectly she mastered proportions here, so that just the right amount of pleated skirt was revealed beneath the hemline of her tee. I can’t even tell you how many different combinations I hand-selected from my own wardrobe to try to nail this exact look.

For me, that excitement extends to the HBO series, which you can still stream on HBO NOW and HBO GO. Even though I have my favorite Carrie outfits (who doesn’t?); I was always impressed by how well Carrie dressed within the comfort of her own home. White-trimmed sport shorts looked adorable with tube tops and heeled thong sandals when Carrie strolled out to the street midday, taking a break from work to greet Aidan Shaw. And there were numerous times she spilled her heart out about Big right onto the page, working from her laptop near the window in a glamorous furry coat or pajamas and pearls.

Carrie crafted her at-home aesthetic with her own brand of quirk, never opting for just any old sweatsuit. In my recent time at home, I’ve found that fashionable WFH gear boosts my mood, and I can only imagine how I’d feel to have Carrie’s closet to choose from. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to re-create so many of Carrie’s more laid-back style moments. Scroll through to get inspired, and consider ditching the sweatpants for something a tad more fabulous.

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