A Simple Roundup of Under-$65 Items I’m Recommending to All My Friends


You know that feeling when you come across an item so good you want to tell all your friends about it? Well, as a fashion editor, I get this feeling a lot. I usually refrain from texting all my friends about it as not to annoy them constantly, but some items are just too good to keep to yourself. Now when that item is super affordable, you alert the group chat (just being a good friend over here).

Well, today I’m here to share the aforementioned pieces that I’ve already alerted my friends about and that also happen to be ultra-affordable (each one rings in at under $65). From the world’s best cotton T-shirt you should buy in every color to the chain-link necklace everyone will think is designer, below are the 18 best under-$65 items I’ve come across.

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