7 Winter Work Outfits That “Work” Every Time (Sorry)


I can’t be the only one who kind of loses their sense of style by a certain point in the season. You know what I mean? You start off really strong at the beginning, getting all excited about layering and wearing that new coat with those new boots, but after enough freezing days in a row, you just kind of run out of new ideas. The same black turtlenecks and jeans end up getting worn with the same coat and boots nearly every day, and your dreams of having your most stylish winter yet start to fade.

Well, not this time! I’m determined to go through with the aforementioned goal of having my most stylish winter yet, and I’ve decided to tackle this midseason slump head-on. Naturally, I’m starting with outfits for the office because it’s where I spend most of my time yet usually gets the least amount of effort since this editor is not—I repeat, not—a morning person. So my plan of attack involves an arsenal of easy-to-achieve outfit ideas I can re-create without thinking in the mornings, and since I already did all the research, I figured why not share.

Ready to see the looks I’m loving for the workweeks ahead and shop them along the way? Just keep scrolling.

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