7 Trainers On The Gram Who Will Actually Get Your Butt Off The Couch


Instagram is jam-packed with #BodyGoals motivation – but honestly, which of those hundreds of trainers can actually get you squatting?

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As a fitness newbie myself, I look for inspiration on Instagram – and I’ve totally fallen in love with these trainers’ workouts. You might just love them too, so check it out.

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Lauren Kanski 

“Train smart and learn how to lose fat and keep it off!”

Lauren is a trainer and nutrition coach. Not only does she give you ideas on full-body workouts, bonus: she advises on nutrition too.

Wanita Nicol

“One day I’ll be old and frail; while I can, I’ll be active.”

Wanita is the deputy (and fitness) editor at Women’s Health SA. She most def knows the ins and outs of fitness and nutrition. Personally, Wanita’s back is my back goals! (Have a field day on her Insta to see.) She makes everything seem so easy. I love how she’s always laughing and smiling when she works out – it shows she’s actually enjoying her workouts, which is key to keeping at it.

Laura Miranda

Laura is a huge supporter of Women’s Health. (Check her newsfeeds.) Why she stands out against all the other trainers? I love how she shows us how to work out and see results without even using any gym equipment. In one of her videos, you’ll see her using a brick instead of a kettlebell. Smart.

Ebonny Fowler

“Queen Of Fitness Fun, Here To Inspire You.”

What I find really cool about Ebonny is how she’s one of those trainers who uses anything and everything to do her workouts, from balloons (yes, seriously) and chairs to resistance bands.


“Empowering a sustainable and inclusive field of fitness.”

Yaaaaaaaas queen! As a plus-size myself, Naz is my daily motivation. People have this misconception that when you’re full-figured or plus size, you probably aren’t exercising or you can’t possibly be into fitness. Err… not true. People like Naz are here to prove it.

Idalis Velazquez

Have you ever seen anyone look so flawless while working out? Mama mia! I also like the fact that most of her workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Jaclyn Mcmillan

“There are no quick fixes, DO THE WORK.”

Looking for glutes and leg exercises? Jaclyn’s got you covered. I’ve been trying her leg workout and I’ve been seeing some changes…

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