7 Practical, Cool Outfits to Wear to a Winter Concert


It’s no coincidence that the majority of musical acts tour during the spring and summer months, as inclement winter weather can put a hitch in concert plans and eliminate the use of outdoor venues. But that’s not to say that winter is entirely concertless.

If you’re a lucky ticket holder to any type of concert, you’re probably scratching your head over an outfit that’s practical for the season yet still cool. Feeling your pain, we looked to street style stars in search of winter outfit ideas that are suitable for the occasion. We’re firm believers that the key to the best winter outfits lies in the outerwear and the footwear, so many of the seven outfit examples we chose prove that.

After all, if your outerwear is substantial enough, you can wear whatever you’d like underneath, and if the concert venue gets warm, you’ll even get to show off your cool top. Ready to plan your winter concert attire? Check out seven outfit ideas below!

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