7 “Chill” But Cute Outfits to Wear While You’re Home for the Holidays


Listen, I’m not trying to imply that you still care what your high school archnemesis thinks of you anymore. HOWEVER, in case you do, there’s nothing like a chill-but-cute outfit that suggests you barely tried but still look amazing to really put her jealousy over the edge—just sayin’.

And even if there aren’t any ulterior motives involved, it’s always nice to have an arsenal of easy outfit ideas to wear when you’re home for the holidays… That way all you really have to think about is how many of your favorite spots you’ll get to eat at while still finding time to see all your relatives and friends (the ones you actually like).

That’s where I come in: Today I’ve found seven cool combos that promise all of the above and more, using pieces you likely to already own. To see for yourself and shop them along the way (because there’s always room for one more sweater), just keep scrolling.

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