6 Inexpensive Brands Meghan Markle Should Wear More of in 2020


When referring to Meghan Markle’s wardrobe, the term “high-low mix” is an understatement. The duchess wears everything from H&M to Givenchy, sometimes even in the same outfit. After her and Prince Harry’s South African tour this fall, in which Markle wore mostly affordable items, we were inclined to think about the affordable brands she wears, and which we wish she’d wear more of in 2020.

While we get particularly excited when Markle wears affordable indie brands, it’s also thrilling to see what items she chooses from those household name retailers (that will more than likely sell out immediately). Keep scrolling to take a walk down memory lane and see which affordable brands she’s worn and ones we’d love to see more of. Plus, shop the most “Meghan Markle” items from each brand. 

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