5 Trends That Will Still Be in Style for at Least Another Year


Whether you’re looking to invest big in designer duds, prefer scoring deals during the end-of-the-year sales, or are simply cleaning out your closet for a fresh start in 2020, it’s helpful to know what trends are on their way out and which have some staying power. Conveniently, today we’re here to focus on the latter, as I recently took some time to think about the current trends I can imagine myself wearing one year from now, and I figured why not share?

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, there were actually quite a few contenders, but there were five in particular that I felt strongly about not giving up. There’s a good chance they’re already in your closet (as they’re heavily represented in mine), but in case they’re not, you can rest assured about buying them at this point in the game. To see, read about, and, of course, shop the five fads that made the cut, just keep scrolling.

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