5 Things I Tried to Wear With Sweatpants That Just Don’t Go


We kicked off 2020 with sweatpants being a quickly on-the-rise trend. And then we all started staying home a whole lot more than we thought we would and sweatpants subsequently began selling out everywhere. At this point, it’s pretty much the #1 wardrobe staple of 2020, so can you blame me for wanting to get creative with them? 

I’ve been experimenting with my sweatpants looks lately and although some of the items that I’ve concluded don’t go with sweatpants, I’ve certainly seen them pulled off successfully on Instagram as of late. So feel free to disagree with me and wear whatever you please, but in my experience, the 5 items below don’t mesh well with sweatpants. On the flip side, there are several trends out there that do, so shop them all below, as well as some of my favorite sweatpants on the market at the end.

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