5 New Nuptials Trends That Have Us Embracing the 2021, Post-COVID Wedding Mood In a Major Way


It’s 1/11/2021 today, pretties, and we’re feeling all kinds of great about it. 2020 is past us (hooray!!) and this year is looking up. Although so much hardship, confusion, and disappointment transpired last year, our industry totally rose to the occasion, and we wouldn’t be sensationalizing by saying that weddings from here on out will be ultimately and unanimously wonderful. We know what can happen, so we’re prepared for affairs small and grand, serendipitous elopements or those planned, and everything micro-wedding-fitting, because we’re 100 percent stans. To our couples, our vendors, our venues, and our readers, let’s make 2021 the best year yet! 

Of course, with the arrival of a new year, we’re always quick to think about trends that we know will be popping up all over the 2021 nuptials landscape. But, this time around, we think it’d probably behoove us to look more at trends for the whole year versus trends for each season. COVID brought a lot of bad with it, but one of the silver linings to its pursuit of undoing is the dissolution of templatized events, gatherings, social experiences, and general time spent together. When it comes to one of the biggest and most momentous occasions then, a wedding, there isn’t a formula that couples have to show allegiance to anymore. You can go rogue and have it translate into the most resplendent, creative, and talk-worthy event ever. 

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