41 Cheap(ish) Items to Buy If You’re Tired of Keeping Up With All the Trends


As someone who loves fashion (good thing, given my occupation) and is well aware of how quickly trends come and go, I fully understand why someone would be prone to trend fatigue. The cycle is somewhat exhausting, especially for someone who doesn’t work in fashion and can’t devote vast amounts of time to keeping up with what trends are in and out. So I’m here to avoid the topic of trends and just present you with 41 stylish basics and timeless pieces.

Truth be told, some of these clothing items, shoes, and accessories actually are in keeping with the current trends, but they’re not the type of trends that are here today, gone tomorrow. You’ll potentially get years of wear out of them, and they’re all relatively affordable (i.e., averaging in the $100–$200 range, with some far less). Ready for some easy-on-the-trends shopping?

Scroll on for 41 pieces that you won’t want to toss aside after a few wears.

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