4 of the Best Shave Clubs for Women


The last time we talked about laser hair removal — or any kind of hair removal at all — was years ago, so we thought it was high time to round up the best shave clubs for women. I know a lot of women have been saying that their shaving habit has fallen by the wayside during COVID, but I’m sure there are also a good number of us who are using our trusty razors (or who are waxing, and so on) as frequently — or almost as frequently — as in pre-pandemic times.

In fact, I recently signed up for a shave club for the first time (Billie), which prompted me to suggest to Kat that we do a post to look at some of the many subscription services out there for razors and other shaving products.  

If you shave, has your shaving routine changed during quarantine? What are your favorite products — razors, shaving creams/gels, and others? 

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Here are four of the best shave clubs for women: 


Last month when I bought something at Old Navy, a Dollar Shave Club offer popped up after I made my purchase, and I almost signed up. I decided that I wanted something specifically designed for women, however, so after a little research, I went with Billie. I’m very happy with it so far — the razors give a comfortable, smooth, close shave; and the price is reasonable. Their products are so much better than the random name brands I’d been using for years! 

Billie’s $9 Razor Starter Kit includes a handle, magnetic holder, and two refill blades — and it ships for free. (They recommend replacing the blade every seven uses.) You can choose how often you want to receive $9 shipments of four refill blades each. 

I highly recommend Billie!

Other products include: shave cream ($8), dry shampoo ($14), face cleansing wipes ($9), body wash ($9)

Company values: The company donates 1% of their revenue to charity (they recently decided to focus on support for BIPOC women), and their products don’t contain undesirable ingredients, including sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, and so on. (I also like how, when they explain that their razor is designed for women, they remark, “Pink Tax not included.”) 

Dollar Shave Club

If you’re familiar with any shave subscription service, it’s probably Dollar Shave Club — it was founded in 2011, so it’s been around a lot longer than most of the other choices out there. It’s mainly marketed to men, but the company says that all their products are unisex. The website notes that women are especially fond of the Executive Blades ($10 for a 4-pack), Shave Butter ($8), and Repair Serum ($12).

To sign up, you’ll answer these questions: (1) What [body parts] do you shave? (2) How often do you shave? (3) Any problems when you shave?, and (4) What other products do you need to complete your routine? (“None” is one of the possible answers.) When you finish, the website offers product recommendations, and you can scroll down to customize quantities — including changing them to zero for anything in the lineup that you don’t want.

The site recommended me the Executive Razor Cartridge (4 stainless steel, 6-blade cartridges are $10) and the metal Executive Handle ($0) and noted that new cartridges would be shipped every two months. Shipping is included in the prices shown, and you can cancel anytime.  

Other products include: sprayable sunscreen ($13), acne eraser ($9), toothpaste ($5) (Whatever your preference for scents, be aware that you won’t find any stereotypically “feminine” ones here.)

Company values: The website has a message from the CEO expressing support for Black Lives Matter and explaining the actions it’s taking to address racism and inequality. It claims that the company will contribute $100,000 to BLM and that its leadership team will match every dollar donated by employees (up to $25,000). 


Flamingo is the “sister brand” of the men’s shave club Harry’s (although Harry’s notes that women use its products, too). Flamingo isn’t technically a subscription service, but it’s a great option if you’re looking for something beyond typical drugstore brands. 

Their razor is $9 and consists of one ergonomic handle and one “German-engineered” five-blade cartridge. (Does anyone else feel like the photo of the woman they use to illustrate the razor being used is a bit male gaze-y?) A 4-pack of cartridges is $9, but the price for each is lower when you buy 8- or 16-packs. The website recommends switching the blade cartridge every six to eight uses. (Note that to get free shipping, you must spend $10.) 

The Smooth Start Set, which includes one razor handle, five five-blade cartridges, one 6.7-oz. foaming shave gel, and a shower hook, is $20. 

Other products include: Face wax kit ($10), body lotion ($9), and Mons Mist (aka “when alliteration goes too far”; $12)

Company values: Flamingo gives 1% of its sales to nonprofit organizations “working to ensure women build healthy, positive relationships with themselves.” None of the company’s products or raw materials are tested on animals. 

Athena Club 

Athena Club doesn’t just focus on shaving products and skincare — for example, they make their own menstrual cup and other period care items — but their shave club is just like other companies’ offerings. 

For $9 (with free shipping), you can get “The Best Shave Ever” kit: an ergonomic razor handle (made from aluminum and fiberglass, with an “exclusive water-activated serum”), 2 five-blade cartridges, and a magnetic hook. The products are made in the U.S.A. and are nickel-free. 

To sign up, you’ll answer these questions: (1) How often do you shave? (2) How often would you like to receive your replacement blades? (minimum: 4 blades every month at $3/blade), and (3) Wanna add anything else? (You can skip #3, but Athena Club has a Cloud Shave Foam for $9.) You can choose to receive refill blades every one, two, or three months thereafter — and you can cancel anytime.

Other products: Many — menstrual products, vitamins and probiotics, and skincare.

Company values: None of Athena Club’s products are tested on animals. The website says that the company’s goal is to “continue to work with organizations locally (and globally) to support women by providing them with essential daily care,” but I couldn’t find any specific details.

Have you tried any of the companies above? What do you think is the best shave club for women (or the best shaving products!) 

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