35 Cozy Dresses That Will Get You Through Winter


Getting dressed in winter does not come without its challenges. Not only do the subzero temperatures unceremoniously eliminate half your wardrobe, but your outfits are also no longer just a vehicle for self-expression and creativity—they must be practical, weather-appropriate, and most importantly, warm.

Because a large percentage of dresses are none of these things, they tend to collect dust in our closets from November to April. But we’d argue that with the right layers, footwear, undergarments, and dresses can be a staple in any winter wardrobe.

Take the below warm dresses, for example—they feature heavier, more insulating fabrics like velvet and leather, in addition to high necklines and/or long sleeves designed to keep you comfortable. We recommend investing in a few thick pairs of high-quality tights as well as a stylish but warm winter coat or two to layer over top. Below, shop the warm dresses we have our eye on this season, organized by price.

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