21 Decade Trends That Are Simmering Down and The 21 Trends That Are Replacing Them


If there’s one thing this decade brought to light, it’s a lens into our personal lives — and that includes the state of our homes. As a kid, you used to only be able to show off your ~super cute and trendy~ Lizzie McGuire inspired room during after-school hangouts and slumber parties. But now every insta story, snapchat or selfie can contain hints of your home decorating style.

Trends in and of themselves are a bit tricky when it comes to home decor. Sure, buying a velvet jacket to go with your NYE ensemble is tres chic, but you can get some SERIOUS over-analysis-paralysis when trying to pro-and-con a velvet couch. Both are in, both are indicators that you’ve got a grasp on the new “it” thing, but committing to a home decor trend is WAY bigger financial investment.

But here’s the best news — with the transparency of people’s style comes the fluidity of “style rules.” Now that anyone can hit “publish,” a lot of ideas, styles, and trends are emerging in a way that’s a lot less rigid.

Your trends can be inspired by nature! A history book! A Magazine! You’re Great Aunt Merial’s Memphis home! The new Architectural Digest feature home!

So in this new decade, it’s less about saying “out with the old and in with the new” and more about watching what people are adding a little more of, and a little less of something else.

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