20 Unique Engagement Rings That Look Like Diamonds—But Aren’t


In a sea of diamond-flanked center stones, unique has become the name of the game when it comes to engagement rings. Between the resurgence of funky Art Deco styles and deconstructed settings, it seems that everyone is searching for a ring that no one else has.

The rise of white sapphire engagement rings also falls in line with this trend. A popular, budget-friendly alternative to diamonds, white sapphires are durable, chemically pure crystals that are actually more rare than diamonds.

While white sapphires and diamonds actually look rather similar, the difference lies in the sheen. These colorless gemstones are slightly lighter in color and emit more of a glow rather than a sparkle (a hallmark of traditional diamond rings). Best of all, they’re incredibly affordable—you can find a stunning white sapphire ring for under $1000.

Below, shop 20 unique white-sapphire engagement rings that bear a striking resemblance to diamonds, but feature a more unique center stone.

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