18 Pairs of Jeans and Boots That Will Make You Look Like You Work in Fashion


As fashion editors, we pride ourselves on finding the best essential items to not only recommend but also wear ourselves. Two of the biggest fashion items that are categorized as “essential” are, of course, jeans and boots. And one of our favorite places to shop for those things (and everything else) is Net-a-Porter.

The buyers at Net-a-Porter truly know what’s up, so you’ll only find the best of the best among the e-tailer’s inventory, but there’s a lot to choose from, especially in the denim and boot departments, and that’s about all we’re wearing this time of year. So as we do, we’re giving our very best recommendations.

Keep scrolling to shop 18 jeans and boots from Net-a-Porter that you’ll regret not snagging. (Trust us—you too will look like you work in fashion when wearing these gems.)

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