17 Dainty Tattoo Ideas From Celebs Like Selena Gomez and Rihanna


Tattoos fluctuate almost as frequently as their adjacent beauty trends, like haircut shapes, skincare ingredients, and makeup color palettes (talking to you, glow-up). For a while, everyone was getting inked on their inner arm. The wrist and ankle have also gotten their fair share of tattoo coverage. And other niche spots, like behind the ear or somewhere on the collarbone, have also been favored tattoo destinations.

One trend that seems to have some serious staying power is that of the dainty tattoo. Usually done in a fine line and a simplistic shape, this delicate approach is akin to investing in a pretty piece of jewelry—only this one lasts quite a bit longer. Ahead, see celebrities who have embraced the dainty tattoo trend. Some of them opt for dainty tattoos only, while others incorporate these fine-lined looks with their bolder tattoos.

Whether you’re considering getting a tattoo or not, you’re sure to be inspired by these 17 unique ideas.

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