14 Last Minute Subscription Christmas Present Ideas for Procrastinators


Nobody means to procrastinate on purpose. You’re busy at work! You’re waiting to see what goes on sale! Your first option is now out of stock! You’ve been hunting for the PERFECT gift for weeks but nothing seems right and now it’s too late!

You’re way past crunch time and now you’re into full-time panic mode. Amazon can’t even help you now, and that’s saying something.

But here’s where you can think outside of gift cards and coupons for “quality time” and get you’re loved ones a gift that will “keep on giving, the whole year round” (Eddy, from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and if you haven’t watched that yet go ahead and add it to the queue)

Your saving grace: Subscriptions!

Depending on what you get, it’s like Christmas with every delivery throughout the year! And if you swing it right, you can pay for the whole year upfront and many times it’ll save you money. Here are a few options to get you out of the dog-house:


You can find a magazine subscription to fit pretty much anyone. From wine enthusiasts, home decor aficionados and sports fans, you are sure to find something for even the toughest family member.

Pro-tip, many times you can purchase subscription “bundles” that will save you even more money and flood your loved one’s mailbox with oodles of inspiration every month.

Gift Boxes

There are SO many monthly subscription boxes that make every package feel like an extended Christmas.

FitFabFun for your fitness-obsessed and on-trend friend who always somehow knows what’s “in” right now.

Causebox is perfect for your ethically conscious cousin who always has the coolest, healthiest stuff.

Birchbox for your little sister who can contour better than you ever knew possible.

Harry’s for your brother as a helpful hint that maybe his scruff could use a little cleaning up from time to time?

Trade Coffee or Atlas Coffee Club for your brother-in-law who knows *exactly* what region of the world he prefers his coffee to come from.

BarkBox for your aunt who has a Westie that honestly and truly ~rules~ the house.

Winc for your cool older sister who knows how to pick a good wine with a technique other than just looking at how pretty the brand is.

Vinyl Me, Please for your cousin who plays his weekly sets at the coolest coffee shop you’ve ever been to.

Streaming services

Everyone and their mother shares a Netflix account (literally) but new streaming services are popping up left and right with all kinds of original content, and the world rejoices as our pocketbooks quiver. So, gifting a new option like Disney+ is actually a pretty affordable and thoughtful gift! Or, if you’re shopping for someone who’s more musically inclined — think of options like Apple Music or Spotify Premium! It’s an added bonus that every time your recipient uses that service, they’ll think of you and be grateful all year long.

If in doubt and in a monetary pinch, gift them a user profile on your own Netflix account and you really can’t go wrong.

Amazon Prime

If you’re really, really looking to pack a gracious punch — a great last-minute gift option is the gift of free shipping. It’s really hard to top that amongst all the other benefits of being a prime member, and your recipient will be very grateful.

So now all you have to do is make a cute little card informing them that you didn’t JUST get them a Christmas present, you got them a present every month of the year! You’ll win some major brownie points.

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