12 Colorful Mid-Winter Outfit Ideas That Are Happiness Personified


The shorter days and lower temperatures of winter tend to feel a bit less cheerful than the rest of the year, and if you’re anything like me, your winter wardrobe tends to skew mostly dark or neutral. But to combat the winter blues, I think mind over matter is the best strategy—and what better to perk you up during the colder season than a colorful, happy outfit?

Well, recently I’ve come across quite a few winter outfits that are completely opposite from my dark color palette, featuring hues of bright pinks and yellows and fuzzy textures that you can’t help but smile at. Just looking at them will make you feel a little warmer inside. Below, I’ve highlighted the 12 said happy outfits and shopped out the key piece for each to re-create the look for yourself. With outfits this fun, the winter blues don’t stand a chance. 

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