10 Cult Skincare Items Every Insider Owns


In the world of skincare, there are some items that earn cult status. Widely used among industry insiders, these products are known for their seriously dramatic results and ability to land on the sellout list. So which are the key cult skincare products every beauty and fashion girl owns?

The most talked-about formulas have proven abilities to transform the complexion by boosting hydration, combating acne, or reversing signs of aging. Many of these you’ll even find in the beauty arsenals of celebs such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Victoria Beckham. From the face moisturizer that’s backed by 30 years of stem cell research to the $10 non-drying clay face mask to the LED light that mimics in-office treatments (and more), these are the 10 must-own cult skincare products to know about now. Here, find out why they’re so popular, and then shop each of them.

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